2017 Election: Who to support?

Dear friends,

Another political season is upon us in New Jersey, and we have received requests from supporters of alimony reform about whom to support in this continuing fight.  While the governor’s race is getting the most attention, it is in the NJ Senate and Assembly where it is most important for alimony reformers to develop good working relationships.  And every seat is up for reelection this year.

Below are some of the legislators who have been most supportive of our cause.  Make a point of meeting them at their campaign events to thank them for their support, and let them know the 2014 reform law didn’t go far enough. You can also donate to their campaigns and let them (and us!) know you have done so.


Assemblyman Sean Kean is running for reelection to the Assembly in District 30, which includes portions of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. A Republican, Sean has been a reliable ally of our movement, speaking at our events, and demonstrating that he understands our issues.

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker won his District 16 seat by fewer than 80 votes in 2015 and this year is in the most competitive race in the state. A Democrat representing portions of Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon, and Middlesex counties, Andrew is himself an alimony payor so he fully understands the problems that persist with our system even after the 2014 reform law.  As a member of the Judiciary Committee he is in a strong position to help.  Andrew’s donation page is here.


Senator Nicholas Scutari is seeking reelection in district 22, which includes part of Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties. A Democrat, Nick has himself endured the family law system, so he understands the fundamental backwardness and of the system. He has met with us many times and as a member of the Judiciary Committee was a key driver of the 2014 reform law.

Assemblyman, Troy Singleton has been a steady ally to our movement to seek greater fairness in our alimony laws. Troy is seeking a promotion to the NJ Senate from District 7 in Burlington County. He is widely considered a rising star in the Democratic party, and thus an important person to our movement.  Troy has had multiple meetings with members of our team, and he worked with us on drafting legislation to improve the “right to retire” that part of the 2014 reform bill. His donation page is here.

Looking forward to 2018

As we move toward 2018 the political environment will be greatly changed. It is widely expected that Phil Murphy will win the governor’s race, and this will lead to one-party control of New Jersey for the first time in eight years.  We will necessarily reconsider our strategy and will communicate with you, our core supporters, on what’s next. In the meantime, take some time to support through contributions and advocacy those who support us.