Fundraising Challenge – Help Us Reach Our Goal

Fundraising Challenge - Help Us Reach Our Goal of $3000.

We have another anonymous donor who has committed to donate $3,000 if we get another $3,000 in matching donations from our members. Please donate now so we can take advantage of this generous offering.

Please note that no person in NJAR or NJWARreceives payment for their work. Everyone is a volunteer. Every dollar of your donations is spent directly for our advocacy activities. You can view more details of how we spend the donations by going to our donations page here

For example, we recently mailed 140 copies of our new 236 page book of alimony horror stories titled: "Shattered Lives: The Personal Horror Stories of Marriage and Divorce in New Jersey".

It was expensive, but worth it. Every legislator now has a copy of the stories that evidence a broken family law system.

Your donations are critical to our cause.Thank You to all who have donated.

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