Get Involved with NJ Alimony Reform and Contribute to the Cause

We need your help!

Get involved with NJ Alimony Reform and Contribute to the Cause. We need your help as a member, and a supporter of the total reform of New Jersey Alimony laws. Because it won’t happen without you!

Face reality, it’s up to us - concerned and activist citizens - to MAKE change happen. To reinstitute laws that are fair - and just - to both ex-partners in a divorce. The matrimonial law system in NJ has a momentum that is driven by its history and its practitioners, judges and lawyers. The system generates enormous amounts of income for its practitioners. What we at New Jersey Alimony Reform are proposing is true reform of this system, for the first time in history! The system will not budge unless we get together and push it, together!

We believe judges should have some power to make fair decisions in unusual circumstances where deviation from our proposed reform law is warranted.  But we also believe there should be the possibility for review of the process of these decisions - by a panel of judge’s or by a jury of peers. And we’d like - we need - your help in bringing a change to these laws.

Here’s what you can do:

Join us.  Become a member and sign up to receive our newsletter. As a member you will be part of a noble cause to create fair alimony laws in New Jersey. As a member you can work with others for the good of all alimony payers, their family, friends, and future generations. Volunteer yourself. Tell us how you would change the law.  We read and evaluate all comments.  The best comments will be incorporated into the recommendations of the laws we seek to change.

Get other people to join. There is strength in numbers. The more members we have the easier it will be to convince legislators to create fair alimony laws.  Discuss alimony reform with everyone and urge them to join our cause. Of course, lifetime alimony payers will want to be members, but anyone who fears being abused by the alimony laws or fears that their friends and family will be (or continue to be) abused will also want to reform alimony laws in New Jersey.

Contribute to the cause. Click Here to Donate.  We are a non-profit, and your money is used only to help get these unfair, outdated and unjust laws changed. Your donation will help us to reach further, to have these laws changed faster. Donations can be monetary, but you can also donate your services, or your time. Check out the donations page to read about the specific ways in which your donations are spent.

Get involved. We need your help . Without your help we cannot get the job done. To help our cause you can:

Submit your horror story  Send us an email and tell us what happened to you.  Tell us what you believe was unfair - even anonymously - so that others can see they are not alone in what is happening to them, and legislators can see why NJ alimony laws desperately need reforming.  If you are willing to go public with your horror story please let us know. Ultimately, legislators will want to know that the stories they are given comes from a real person who has suffered as a result of the antiquated alimony laws.

Write to your legislator. It is so vary important for legislators realize that there is trouble in their district, that some of their constituents are suffering as a result of laws that should have been revised decades ago.

Click Here to Write your legislature.  It’s up to us to convince legislators to change the law.  To have them take a serious look at alimony reform, we need to show our legislators that their voters and supporters want this change.  If we have enough people, they will make the change - they’ll have to.  But, we need you - and your friends, and their friends - to convince them.  It’s a game of numbers.  We need you to help our numbers count.

Contact the press. Let them know about New Jersey Alimony Reform, about your horror personal story, about the pending legislation. Ask them to cover the issue. Better yet, take the initiative of writing an Op-Ed or a Letter-to-the-editor. Many of our members have been successful in getting their writing published. The press is primed for the alimony reform issue and you can help by feeding them the information.