HUGE Alimony Reform Fundraiser Opportunity Announced in March 2014

BIG NEW Fundraiser Opportunity Announced 

Updated 05-06-2014: We have reached 100% of our goal. Thank you for helping us reach that goal.

We have a core group of generous donors that keep the furnace of our alimony reform movement burning. They want everyone to have skin in the game. Our latest donor has offered $5,000 as a dollar for dollar match.That means, if you donate $100 you will have put $200 toward our battle for fair alimony laws. Donations of any amount are just as important. $10=$20, $25=$50new jersey alimony reform donationsYou get the picture. Most everyone can donate something.While we are on the subject let us describe what we spend your donations on, and what we don't spend them on.

All of us in the core group are volunteers and we don't get paid anything. In fact, we spend money on gas and tolls and all the costs of getting around New Jersey to meet with legislators.

We spend donations on lobbying, the web site, this constant contact email service, social media, press releases, stationary, ink for our printer, postage, etc etc.

One example of an upcoming outreach effort that was partly paid for by NJ Alimony Reform is the NJ Chamber of Commerce Walk to Washington. It is the largest congregation of legislators, press, media, and government people in New Jersey, not to mention thousands from the business and civic communities. Three representatives from NJ Alimony Reform will be on that train thanks to your donation dollars.


Mail a check made out to:

 New Jersey Alimony Reform

1092 Saint Georges Ave. #141, Rahway, NJ 07065

Or by Paypal at

Check donation are preferable because Paypal charges a service fee. Thank you to all who have donated. You are the engine of our effort.


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