Latest Fundraising Challenge – We Met Our Goal

Great News! We have achieved our recent fundraising challenge. An anonymous donor offered $3,000 if members at large would match the donation. Within 10 days after posting the fundraiser challenge our members reached the goal. Thank you to everyone who made donations.


We can now keep the fight going.

Donations are one of three ways in which our battle for fair alimony laws continues. The other ways are your participation in writing and contacting your legislators, and the enormous amount of time that our core group of volunteers spends.

We realize how difficult it is to keep the fight going. You give of your hard earned income and your time without any guarantee that we will succeed. In fact, sometimes it feels as if we are losing. But other times it feels like we are winning. That is the roller coaster ride that is typical of a grassroots effort to change the law. The reality is the only way we can fail is if we give up.


So please keep donating and contacting your legislators. We are going to win this because we are not giving up.

Your donations are used to hire professionals to do what our volunteers simply cannot. Your donations pay for printing promotional material and mailings. Lastly, your financial support pays to get our volunteers into events where they have access to legislators.

You can make donations by mailing checks made out to

New Jersey Alimony Reform to our mailbox:

1092 Saint Georges Ave. #141, Rahway, NJ 07065

Or electronically here at

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