Legislator FAX Campaign for Alimony Reform

At the Meet and Greet several weeks ago Assemblyman Charlie Mainor asked us to FAX letters to each legislator asking for their support and co-sponsorship of alimony reform bills A3909 and S2750.

Here are two sample fax letters:  a generic fax letter version and a personalized fax letter version. Please be sure to fill-in the name of the legislator and their FAX number and your contact information. If you choose the personalized version be sure to fill-in a few lines about your personal horror story.

Each person should have three, a Senator and two Assemblypeople. Use the NJ Legislators website to find out what your district number. Then find your legislators' FAX numbers using our Excel legislator database. Then FAX the letter to your legislators.

You can also mail the paper letter to your legislators.

We are targeting the end of this year to pass fair alimony laws. If ever there was a moment for you to participate NOW IS THE TIME.

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