Lifetime Alimony? New Jersey Nonprofit Takes on Alimony Reform Laws

RAHWAY, N.J., How did your divorce go? Spouse get everything? House? Car? Way more than half your money, the retirement funds, the kid's college fund? And does your ex get alimony - for the rest of his or her life? How absurd is that? Even bank robbers get out after a few years. It's New Jersey's "Alimony Life Sentence." Divorce never ever ends in New Jersey.

The state's seriously out-of-date 1950s-era alimony laws were written when virtually all women were stay-at-home mothers, and there were no jobs for women. Men were the family breadwinners.

But today lifetime alimony is still predominate. Even when payments cause serious hardship for the payer (man or woman), they are routinely "awarded."

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