Open letter from NJAR & NJWAR to the Assembly Judiciary Committee – Alimony

Open letter from NJAR & NJWAR to the Assembly Judiciary Committee - Alimony 

In response to testimony in opposition to A3909 from members of the Matrimonial Lawyers Alliance at the Judiciary Committee hearing on November 25th, NJAR and NJWAR submitted Supplemental Testimony in Support of the Passage of Assembly Bill A3909 and calling for cooperation on making sensible changes to alimony law to make the laws fair to divorcing couples in New Jersey.

Our organizations thought it necessary to post our letter publicly to clarify our position and aspirations for creating fair alimony laws in New Jersey.
We believe that the time has come for alimony reform and that A3909, with certain amendments drafted and proposed by NJAR/NJWAR and the matrimonial bar, would enact needed change in the law and implement progressive social policy for the State of New Jersey. The letter was copied to the leaders of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association, we ask that they put down the war club and join with us to reach a compromise bill that can be enacted this year. The organized bar gains no credibility by continuing its efforts to stifle the legislative momentum and voices of alimony reformers.
See entire open Letter to the Assembly Judiciary Committee

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