Open Letter to Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq., Chair-Elect of the Family Law Section, NJ Bar – re Alimony Laws

Open Letter to Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq., Chair-Elect of the Family Law Section, NJ State Bar Association, regarding alimony laws.

The following is an open letter  ( Click Here to View PDF of letter ) to Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq., written by Stuart Kurtz, a victim of New Jersey's antiquated permanent alimony laws. His divorce for after a 10 year marriage resulted in a Permanent Alimony Award granted by a trial judge. As a result of New Jersey's archaic legacy laws the judge did not need to justify, nor did she justify, the permanent alimony sentence. It is egregious cases such as Mr. Kurtz's that are the evidence for the need for real alimony reform.

Despite ample evidence of a broken system, certain divorce lawyers have taken it upon themselves to defeat alimony reform. Although they recently admitted to problems with alimony laws, the solution they proposed in bill A4525 simply restates the current practice and continues the horror that results when family court judges are given the discretion to make any decision that they want, without repurcussions for the lives that they destroy.

One of these lawyers is Jeralyn Lawrence, Chair Elect of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association. Her testimony to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on November 25th was so outrageous that Mr. Kurtz decided to set the record straight and expose the hypocrisy of divorce lawyers like Lawrence who are intent on blocking real alimony reform at all cost, even to the point of giving misleading and false testimony to legislative committees.  ( Click Here to View a PDF of her claims )

Then again, such lawyers daily function in a profession characterized by misleading and evasive testimony, hallway deals, coercive tactics, that they refer to as "settling" divorces.

Our intention in publishing Mr. Kurtz's open letter is to provide legislators with a first hand account of a victim, a case study for what is wrong with the current laws and to expose the so-called "experts", the divorce lawyers who seek to maintain the status quo.



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