Terminal Brain Cancer Victim Forced to Pay Alimony Until his Death

Meet James Hair. Terminally ill, diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV, an extremely aggressive brain tumor with a poor prognosis of one year. Four months after filing for alimony termination, and MRI revealed the brain tumor had returned and was now five times larger. He then had a second emergency brain surgery, was hospitalized and near death. The so-called “NJ Family Court” then garnished more than half his Social Security Disability benefit and gave it to his ex-wife, an elementary school teacher with a salary of $80,000 a year and no dependents.

James Hair Terminally Illl Cancer Patient must Pay Alimony


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Think Alimony is fair in New Jersey?

Before he passed away, Mr. Hair was placed in the hands of the so-called “Family Court”. Even though terminally ill, a false “out-of registration” order was filed in New York City, Mr. Hair’s state of residence, for “child support arrears,” both of his sons were emancipated and no child support was due. Since Mr. Hair was too weak to leave bed, his current wife was forced to make 10 appearances in New York City Family Court, Support Collections Unit, to prove he wasn’t in child support arrears.

Through these orders, he faced threats of incarceration, bank account seizure, driver’s license suspension, passport revocation, a negative credit rating, “double-dipping,” if he failed to continue to meet his alimony payments. Each month until his death, more than half of Mr. Hair’s Social Security disability payments were taken to pay alimony to his ex-wife, even though her income of $80,000 per year was far greater than his.

This is proof the alimony system in New Jersey is disgustingly broken and in dire need of overhaul.

James’ case is just one example of the many people who suffer every day under the current New Jersey alimony laws.

James’ case is not an isolated story. Just check out the James Hair story in the words of his attorney: http://njfamilylaw.foxrothschild.com/2013/10/articles/alimony/terminating-alimony-for-terminally-ill-patient-easy-right-wrong/#.Uml310b_0nA.gmail

Honest, well-meaning citizens are being abused  each and every day by the New Jersey Family Court: http://njfamilylaw.foxrothschild.com/2013/01/articles/alimony/motions-to-reduce-support-when-applications-are-denied-without-a-plenary-hearing-whats-next/

If you want to know how bad New Jersey’s alimony laws are we have a book for you titled: “Shattered Lives, The Personal Horror Stories of Marriage and Divorce in New Jersey.” The book can be downloaded from: http://www.njalimonyreform.org/wp-content/images/Alimony-Reform-Book-Horror-Stories-and-Shattered-Lives.pdf

Sign the Change.org petition on behalf of James Hair: http://www.change.org/petitions/nj-permanent-alimony-termination-litigation-contributed-to-my-husband-s-death

And yet these laws persist despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of New Jersey citizens think alimony laws should be different than they are. A recent poll on the issue of alimony by the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling found that 65% thought that alimony laws should provide support for a limited time to enable the spouse to become financially independent. An astonishing 80% thought that lifetime alimony should be abolished or limited only to those who can prove they cannot support themselves. For the full report see: http://www.njalimonyreform.org/new-jerseyans-favor-an-end-to-permanent-alimony/

New Jersey lawmakers need to be convinced that alimony laws need to be fair and equitable. New Jersey Alimony Reform and New Jersey Women for Alimony reform have been fighting for fair laws for the past two years- and still no action in the legislature. Please help us End The Madness by writing to your legislators. Follow the instructions at: http://www.njalimonyreform.org/urgently-needed-letters-to-leadership/ and http://www.njalimonyreform.org/legislator-fax-campaign-for-alimony-reform/

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