Alimony Reform Assembly Bill A3909 in Committee Hearing on Monday November 25 at 10 AM


We have received word that our alimony reform Assembly Bill A3909 will be discussed in committee on Monday November 25 at 10 AM.

This is the moment that we've all been waiting for after two years of non-stop hard work.

How urgent is it? The next two months may be our last and best opportunity for many years ahead to get fair alimony laws passed in New Jersey.

We need a large turnout of supporters. Take off of work; delay whatever appointments you have; your presence in Trenton on November 25th is crucial.

Calling on all women. Guys... its not that you aren't important, but the more women in attendance the bigger our impact will be. We know from our membership records that slightly less than half of our members are women. We are hoping to see many of you at the hearing.


The statehouse is located at
125 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608.

Click here for directions.

New Jersey statehouse

There are several parking garages and meter parking on State Street. Enter through the front door of the State House (the photograph is of the front door of the State House).

Alternatively, park in the deck at the rear of the State House off of Memorial Drive. The State House is a 2 floor elevator ride up.

Be prepared to go through a metal detector. Obtain a visitor pass by showing your photo ID. Ask security to direct you to the Assembly Judiciary Committee Room.

Please arrive before 10 AM so we can convene before the hearing.


We need to be courteous and professional at all times before, during, and after the hearing.

Outbursts will not help us, and could very easily harm our cause.

Please dress appropriately for a business-type meeting. We will NOT be wearing RED SHIRTS. Rather, please come with a discrete red ribbon pinned to your lapel. Otherwise, wear something red like a necktie or scarf. The red signifies our solidarity.

We will select a number of witnesses to testify. Please don't be concerned if you are not one of them. Your physical presence is crucial.


We have strong bipartisan support for our alimony reform bills. Just yesterday four Assemblyman and one Senator have joined as co-sponsors (see links below). We have enough committed votes to win.

The opposition, which has been largely asleep during the Summer and Fall, has finally awoken. They are desperately scrambling to forestall alimony reform.

An organization called the Matrimonial Lawyers Alliance has written an alternative alimony reform bill and have found two sponsors for it, Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt and Assemblyman Thomas Giblin. Their bill has some strong points regarding issues of alimony termination due to cohabitation and alimony modification. More importantly, they are admitting the laws need to be reformed, which is a very big step for this group.

But their bill DOES NOT end alimony at retirement, nor does it impose guidelines limiting the length of alimony payments and amount. Their bill doesn't define the purpose of alimony as interim support until the receiving ex-spouse becomes self-sufficient, and it continues the marital lifestyle benchmark for setting the amount of alimony.

The Chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Assemblyman Peter Barnes III has agreed to hear both our bill A3909, and the alternate MLA bill to see if a compromise can be reached. Of course there are specific goals for our reform bill that we cannot compromise on, like alimony ending at retirement and guidelines.

That is why we so urgently need you to attend the judiciary committee meeting. We need to stand strong and show legislators that we are serious and intend to see fair laws passed this year using our own horror stories as the evidence of a system gone wildly out of control.

Unless we show up in force, we will leave the legislators thinking that alimony reform is not that urgent.

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