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Support the reform of New Jersey Alimony Laws! New Jersey Alimony Reform is an independent, not-for-profit organization. We heavily rely on donations from people just like you. We accept donations via the following methods:

One-Time Paypal Donation:

If you wish to make a ONE-TIME donation using a credit card, please use Paypal.


Recurring Monthly Donation:

Alternatively, you can make a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION donation of your choosing using Paypal. The suggested donation amount is $25.00/month. Please consider contributing $25 per month or more.

Payment Options

Or you can Mail Your Donation:

Please mail us a check or money order made payable to New Jersey Alimony Reform. Please include a brief note with your name and email address so we can contact you when we receive your donation. Do not mail cash.

Mail donations to:

New Jersey Alimony Reform

1092 St. Georges St. #141

Rahway, NJ 07065


How We Use Your Donations

Donations help you to reform New Jersey's outdated alimony laws, through the New Jersey Alimony Reform Organization. Funds will be used for:

Media Outreach - Publishing press releases to newswire services and other means of gaining media and public attention to the need for reform

Legislative Outreach - Preparing, printing, and distributing legislative booklets and other materials to inform individual legislators of our proposed legislation and the urgent necessity for alimony reform; related fees for advocating on behalf of NJ Alimony Reform

Expert Assistance - Hiring experts in legislation and legislative reform to help promote our goal of alimony reform;

Legal Documents - Paying fees to obtain necessary legal documents and data to support reform;

Community Outreach - Distribution of information to the general public to inform and advocate alimony reform in local communities

Website - Developing and maintaining this website.

New Jersey Alimony Reform is a not-for-profit organization that does not pay its volunteer personnel.

Donations are not tax deductible because we are an organization that is seeking to reform New Jersey legislation.

Other Ways You Can Help

Monetary donations are not the only way you can contribute to reforming alimony laws in New Jersey. Please see our Get Involved Page to see ways you can donate your time, energy, and/or other resources to the cause.